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Florida Nature - Alligator Encounter

Alligators in Florida....

it is true, most people do not care for them. Alligators are probably some of the most unloved and maybe even misunderstood animals that we share our beautiful State of Florida with. 

Living in Florida, sooner or later you will encounter an alligator especially where there is fresh water like lakes, ponds, and rivers. You won't typically find alligators in saltwater so you can swim in the ocean without having to worry about them. 


Alligator Florida Nature Photo by Silvia Dukes


Alligators are definitely not the petting kind of animal so being a fearful of them is not a bad thing. Most of them are probably just as afraid of people as we are of them.

They are somewhat curious critters, too so they can become accustomed to people, lose their fear, and become a dangerous nuisance when people begin feeding them. Because of that it is against the law in Florida to feed alligators. 

Alligators are mysterious and fascinating creatures. They have survived millions of years and individuals can get 40 or more years old. They seem to be masters of disguise as well. The alligator in this photo was hiding his body well under water with just the nostrils and eyes visible above the surface and all without even the slightest ripple in the water. 

It is amazing to me that with all the development and the many subdivisions and golf courses in Florida, there is still room for an animal like the alligator to remind us of the wild Florida it once was. 



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Florida Nature - Alligator Encounter
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