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A Day in the Life of a Spring Hill Florida Realtor

A Day in the Life of this Spring Hill Florida Realtor


Ever wonder what it's like to be a real estate agent and what a typical work day may look like? 

A Typical Day?

Well, there is really nothing typical about a day in the life of this Spring Hill Realtor.  Every day is different. Despite having appointments and a schedule, there will always be unexpected situations that arise. The key is to stay flexible and adjust. 

Here is an example of what happened recently during the course of a day in my life as a Spring Hill Realtor: 

real estate word collage by silvia dukesIt's Monday morning, the day starts at around 7:00 am with checking and answering of emails and reviewing today's schedule over a cup of coffee. Usually, I also check into the ActiveRain blog and read a few posts as well as other real estate related information that comes to me via email from various sources. It's important to stay up to date with current developments.


I review a transaction file for final processing after closing of the sale in which I am representing the sellers. This particular sale had been scheduled to close last week but was delayed in the last minute because one of the buyers wanted to have her attorney review some lender documentation. It's a bit of a tough situation and at the moment, this deal is on hold.  

real estate word collage 2 by silvia dukesThe buyer is legally separated from his wife and Florida law requires that she signs the mortgage as a nonpaying spouse. She has an appointment this morning with her attorney to make sure she won't be liable for the note.  

I am awaiting a call from the buyer's agent later to find out whether the buyer will be satisfied and sign the required paperwork.  

I'm hoping for the best but am still looking through my previous buyer contacts to see who might still be interested in this property should we need a new buyer.  


 Showing up is half way there!

At 9:30 am, the phone rings.  It's the son of another seller who is helping his mother in the sale of her home. He's surprised I'm answering the phone on the first ring.  I'm old fashioned, I still answer the phone myself whenever I can.  

The home had just been listed on Friday, there were several showing over the weekend that resulted in three offers. I had presented all offers Sunday evening along with  a comparison chart outlining the terms of each, similarities as well as differences. We discuss the merits of each offer and how to proceed.  They want to talk it over and will call me back later.

real estate word collage 3 by silvia dukesIt's time for me to leave the house and go to the office to meet with a new buyer prospect.  This buyer is a first-time homebuyer and we go over a number of questions and concerns relating to financing, buying process, appraisal process, as well as discussing the needs and preferences this buyer has.

Together, we conduct a search on the multiple listing service and come up with several homes he is interested in that he thinks are within his price range. To make sure, he has an appointment with a mortgage professional that afternoon and we decide to schedule another meeting and showings for the next day pending on the preapproval amount he will receive. 



It's now early afternoon and my seller is calling me back with her decision on the offers she had received.  She decided on one of them without further negotiation.  I thank her for getting back to me this promptly and explain how the accepted offer will need to be signed and returned to me as she is out of state. I then proceed to process the offer for an electronic signing session by the seller with instructions.  

While I wait for this to come back to me, I call the lucky buyers agent to give him the good news. Unfortunately, I also have to call two other agents to let them know that their buyers did not get the home. That is unfortunate flip side to getting multiple offers - there is only one house to sell and only one person who can buy it, the others will have to keep looking.


real estate word collage 4 by silvia dukesI am checking into my emails and messages again and answer as necessary.  One of the buyers I am working with is requesting a change to her listing search criteria, some agents are calling for feedback on showings, and there are a whole bunch of other emails that are newsletters or other informational items and can be deleted.

Someone called for a listing appointment so I call them back and set an appointment for later this week. Another call is from the buyer's agent of the deal that was going off schedule... it's good news and I breath a sigh of relief while dialing the number of the sellers to pass along the update.


On the way home, I stop by one of my vacant listings checking to make sure everything is turned off and locked up as it should.  


No rest for the weary...

For most people, the day ends with dinner but for me as a Realtor that is when the phone starts ringing as other people get off work and have time to make their phone calls.  

I'm also gathering information for the upcoming listing appointment and preparation of the comparative market analysis which I will complete the next day.  

By now, it's getting late and it's time to kick back, take the dog for a walk, or just relax with a book or a movie. My phone is set to not ring anymore after a certain hour.  Even Realtors need some rest.  


All in all it's been a good day, let's see what tomorrow will bring! 


Are you looking to buy or sell in the Spring Hill, Florida area?  

Having been serving this area since 2005, it'll be my pleasure to assist you in your home search or in the sale of your home.  

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